Rhythm Ace/Border

Iīm angry with myself. Once again Iīm turning into a paralyzed idiot, lured once more by this decaying, crumbling Velvet Underground- sound again. It shouldnīt be possible, now, in the year of 2004, in this slacker-lazy, simple manner, to bring this kind of a-wreckage-of-a- degenerated-New York-nerve-rock alive again. But, Korea Campfire, these album-debutantes from Stockholm, just donīt care. And this is simply why they succeed. For once, because their intentions are so totally unpretentious, in a liberating kind of way. So out of the way of the expectatons of this day, as far from all the superficially phoney and "pretty" rock of today as it is humanly possible. "Lodie" is a deformed monster of an album, full of loving, broken, under-recorded pop-songs ("Punk of the Year", "Lou Reed Says") with a punk estetique. They have a primitive drive and jerky rhythms that is totally in the vein of their cover of Gun Clubs lethal "Sex Beat". This kind of rock is made many times before, but rarely like this; Ugly in a beautiful way, in the care of the lazy hands of Korea Campfire.